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More on: Gemini Career. Gemini Romance Romancing a Gemini is likely to be an interesting one with lots of adventure and fun element attached to it. Affectionate, the Gemini can be extreme flirts. So it is better to check Gemini Compatibility before going ahead with your relationship.

March 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Gemini

However, they never stray if the family life is satisfying. More on: Gemini Love. Gemini Relationship Relationships too are very important to the Gemini, and that is why you would always find the Gemini taking time out from their busy schedules to meet people from the different walks of life, and learn from their experiences — these experiences better equip them to nurture their relationship with their friends and family members positively.

Those born under Gemini Zodiac Sign are charming and friendly, who can talk and chat endlessly, provided they are in the right frame of mind! However, many of their conversations are not just idle chats, but intellectual talk. More on: Gemini Relationship. Gemini Decans Born between May 22 and May The planetary ruler is Mercury for a Gemini born between 22nd May and 31st May. Their nature would be sociable, reliable and friends can benefit from their ideas. Most suitable career options for them would be in a creative field such as graphic designing, creative writing, website designing etc.

Gemini-born are humanitarians at heart and they pretty much like to work for social causes.

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They have a brilliant intelligence and are articulate people. They are quick-witted and have an amazing ability to communicate efficiently. Gemini-born normally are very popular in their social circles, and they have a good number of friends. Perfectionists as they are, they may, however, be over critical of themselves. Talk to an Astrologer to make the best of your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. More on: Gemini Decans. Gemini Facts Gemini are not merely good talkers, they also love to listen, to learn and to react. Their life, in total, revolves around their need to communicate.

The conversations that Gemini indulge in are not always just idle chats. Most Gemini need an incoming flow of information to feed their intellectual inclinations. In fact, they may probe endlessly for more facts and details, as for them the more information they process, the better it is. These versatile individuals tend to have an amazing grasp over the subjects, they are interested in. But the problem is, they may not be able to sustain their interest levels for long.

Gemini-born easily lose out on interest on particular subject and try to explore something new. More on: Gemini Fact. Moon in Gemini. With the Moon in Gemini, individuals are charming, witty and spontaneous.

They show mental excellence and are very prompt in their response to situations, which is most often verbal in nature. They are very sociable people and it is a fun to remain in their company. Such individuals display erratic tendencies in their moods, making their actions totally unpredictable. Their mood can swift drastically with just a blink of an eye, from ecstasy to agony, such is their unpredictable nature.

Gemini-born are good at multi tasking and are versatile in nature. These amazing individuals are curious and speculative about everything and would like to try their hand in every activity. Additionally, they have an inclination of acting even before they have thought over it, and need a lot of stimulation to keep their interest in any particular thing. More on: Moon in Gemini. Gemini Health. The Twins are over-active, and prone to anxiety and insomnia, which is caused by labouring hard enough. Surely, they need to eat a wholesome diet and get sufficient sleep. At a young age, they are prone to respiratory problems or asthma, and at an older age, they are prone to flu and viral infections.

At times, their arms and legs might also get afflicted due to restlessness, and hence it would be a lot more better if they could exercise regularly. Usually, their health is very delicate; though, no need to worry about it. Gemini-born tend to get overexcited and also very prone to get nervous at times, which may contribute to a lot of stress formation.

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Anatomically Gemini corresponds to: Nervous system; upper ribs, collarbones, shoulder blades; bones in the upper arms, forearms, wrists, and hands; veins coming from the shoulders, arms, lungs, and rib cage; arteries carrying blood to the lungs, rib cage area, shoulder and arms. More on: Gemini Health.

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    Your decisions on the domestic front are likely to bring in positive changes. Someone may compel you to accompany him or her on a journey, so take your call. A dip in performance is likely to get noticed by higher ups on the professional front. Visiting the site of your new home is possible. You will need to ease the academic pressure that you find yourself in at present. Improvement in the condition of those unwell is a foregone conclusion.

    A lot of money is likely to flow in, as your initiative takes root. An argument with superior over an issue at work is best avoided. Doing little things together with family is likely to cement lasting bonds of love. A property matter assumes importance. Impressing those who matter on the academic front is possible today.

    Problems besieging you on the health front are likely to disappear soon, so get set for a healthy phase of life. You may be faced with a choice that you may find unpalatable at work, so go with your heart, rather than the mind. A youngster may need disciplining, but avoid being harsh and use the soft approach.

    You may not be too pleased with your current financial situation. You may take a step nearer to acquiring property. Students can find things going tough on the academic front. Sticking to daily fitness routine will not pose much problem for you. Lending money today to someone is like losing it in a bad bet, so try to stall if you can!

    gemini Horoscope

    You will manage to win the confidence of the other party in a business deal, so keep up the image that you have projected. You may become instrumental in the success of a family youngster. There is much happening on the academic front that is likely to involve you. Joining a gym or starting a fitness routine is possible and will benefit immensely.

    A rethink is in order for those going in for a heavy investment. Business persons can find the day profitable.

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    You can feel slighted by an inadvertent remark made by spouse or a family member. A favourable verdict on a property under dispute can be expected by some. Something may not work out right on the academic front, but it will be nothing to get unduly worried about. Your firm resolution to remain totally fit may find you burning the track!

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